remove_x_vars  type={NLEVEL [level=<2-4 | ALL; defaults to ALL>]  \
    | GROUPS [group_list=<groups whose variables will be removed; defaults to 0>]}  \
    [field_list=<comma/hyphen separated list | ALL; defaults to ALL>]


The remove_x_vars keyword is used to permanently remove variables selected in a previous variable selection procedure, such as NLEVEL (in this case the level parameter determines which n-level variables will be removed), D_OPTIMAL, FFDSEL, UVEPLS, GROUPS (the group_list parameter allows to choose which groups shall be removed). It is important to notice that variable selection procedures simply mark variable as "to be eliminated" according to a criterion specific of the procedure used, but do not remove them from the chemometric analysis until a remove_x_vars command is issued.


# the following command performs a D-optimal variable selection operating in the space of PLS partial weights, taking into account the first 3 principal components, with the aim of removing 40% of the original variables; subsequently, variables selected by the D-optimal algorithm are actually removed by the remove_x_vars command
d_optimal  type=WEIGHTS  pc=3  percent_remove=remove_x_vars  type=D_OPTIMAL

# the following command removes variables in field 1 belonging to group zero as previously selected by SRD analysis
remove_x_vars  type=GROUPS  field_list=1  group_list=0

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