Open3DQSAR may be downloaded from SourceForge as portable source code or as pre-built binary distribution for the following operating systems:

The binary distributions include OpenBabel, whose source code may be downloaded from the OpenBabel website.

When used interactively, Open3DQSAR may take advantage of PyMOL for real-time visualization of imported molecules. While PyMOL is not included in the Open3DQSAR binary distributions, install directions are given on this page.

Here you will find detailed instructions how to build Open3DQSAR from source on the different platforms, while here you will find out how to install the pre-built binary distribution which fits your OS/architecture. In addition to source/binaries, an additional util folder is included, containing the following utilities:
Please refer to the comments included in the scripts for usage of export_comfa.spl, export_comsia.spl and ReadMOEGRID.svl scripts.

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