Building PyMOL under Windows requires installing the MinGW/MSYS programming environment.

Get the latest zlib, build and install it:

$ make -f win32/Makefile.gcc
$ cp zlib.h zconf.h /mingw/include
$ cp libz.a /mingw/lib
$ cp libzdll.a /mingw/lib/libz.dll.a

Get the latest libpng, build and install it:

$ ./configure --prefix=/mingw
$ make
$ make install

Get the latest GLUT for MinGW, unzip, then copy include/glut.h into /mingw/include/GL, copy lib/libglut32.a into /mingw/lib and glut32.dll into the pymol directory that you got from the tarball.
Get the latest GLEW Win32 binary, unzip, then copy include/GL/*.h into /mingw/include/GL, copy bin/glew32.dll as /mingw/lib/libglew32.dll.a; copy bin/glew32.dll also into the pymol directory that you got from the tarball.
Download and install Python 2.5.4, accepting all defaults.
You should end up with a Python25 directory in your hard-disk root. Now cd into C:\Python25\Lib\distutils and create a file named distutils.cfg containing the following two lines:

compiler = mingw32

Edit in a text editor the file C:\Python25\Lib\ and remove all instances of -mno-cygwin, which is an obsolete and useless flag not accepted anymore by recent MinGW compilers.

Download Python megawidgets, cd in the src subdirectory and issue the following command from a MSYS shell:

$ /c/Python25/python.exe build
$ /c/Python25/python.exe install

Now cd in the pymol directory and patch a few files, namely:
Now issue the following commands:

$ /c/Python25/python.exe build
$ /c/Python25/python.exe install
$ /c/Python25/python.exe install

If the build process succeeds, you will obtain a pymol.bat executable in your current working directory.

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