An open3dqsar executable for FreeBSD can be easily obtained using the GNU C Compiler and ATLAS math libraries.

Build and install the ATLAS libraries including full LAPACK functionality according to the instructions reported on the ATLAS website.
Open3DQSAR depends on the libedit library for advanced command line editing functionalities; the latter is included in the Open3DQSAR distribution.
Move to the folder where you have downloaded open3dqsar-X.Y.tar.bz2, where X and Y are the major and minor version numbers, and type:

$ bunzip2 -c open3dqsar-X.Y.tar.bz2 | tar xf -
$ cd open3dqsar-X.Y/libedit-YYYYMMDD-3.0
$ ./configure CC=gcc45 CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -m64" \
        --prefix=/build --libdir=/build/lib64
$ make
$ make install

Then move up one folder and build open3dqsar:

$ cd ..
$ ./bootstrap

followed by something like:

$ ./configure \
        CC=gcc45 \
        CFLAGS="-Wall -O3 -m64 -msse3 -I/build/include \
        -I/build/include" \
        LDFLAGS="-L/build/lib64" \
        --with-atlas \
        --prefix=/build --libdir=/build/lib64

Clearly, the paths reported in the example above might vary slightly according to your specific installations details.

Subsequently, type

$ make
$ make install

to have the open3dqsar executable binary installed in the /build/bin folder and the documentation in /build/share/doc/Open3DQSAR.

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